Get feedback for your game directly in Discord

Invite to Discord


Record Feedback in Discord Channel

Open a recorded dialogue with your customers. Discord users can use the !feedback command to provide feedback, ask questions, or offer suggestions. They can also be removed via !delete.

Review and Manage Feedback

Review the consolidated list of feedback posted by discord users. Soba bot organizes it all in a generated #feedback channel for your team and other customers to review.

User Voting

Polling will be added to every recorded issue by Soba Bot. Discord users can vote on messages in the #feedback channel, allowing your team to prioritize what matters most to your user base.

Static Discussion

The posted issue will include a link for forum-style discussion via, freeing up the discord channels for more dynamic thoughts.

Post Responses

Soba bot will allow admins to post responses to user feedback, providing an official place where questions and concerns will be addressed.

Get Started

Invite the bot (Most Users)

  1. Invite Soba to Discord

  2. Create a channel for feedback to be posted in (ie. #feedback)
  3. Ensure Soba Bot has WRITE_MESSAGES, MANAGE_MESSAGES and ADD_REACTIONS permissions for the feedback channel.
  4. Give admin users MANAGE_MESSAGES permission to the feedback channel. Users with the admin role have this by default.
  5. Create a sample feedback issue with !feedback my sample issue
  6. !help will show the full list of commands available

OR Integrate into your own bot (Developers)

  1. Sign up for an API key here.
  2. Import the NPM package.

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